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behavioralApplied Behavioral Analysis - In Home Program  
ABA is a technique applied to individuals diagnosed with autism. ABA can be defined as teaching appropriate replacement behaviors by breaking down the skills necessary into small, measurable components that a child with autism understands. Positive reinforcement and informative feedback are crucial when conducting ABA therapy. Our ABA programs are designed to address the child's individual needs.  We address the child's excess and deficit areas including behavior and compliance needs. We teach receptive and expressive language, imitation, social skills, peer play, fine and gross motor, self-help, and life skills. We work closely with the child's teacher to ensure learning is taking place academically.


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Big Springs Educational Therapy Center and School has been providing help for children
and adults with learning disabilities for over 25 years. We provide educational assessments
to diagnose learning disabilities and give recommendations for programs, compensations,
and strategies to help children and adults who are struggling academically or on the job.
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